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Haint: A Tale of Extraterrestrial Intervention and Love Across Time and Space

Its a different kind of dog story.

If you loved Watership Down and Black Beauty, Haint is YOUR dog story! Haint is for people who want stories that reflect the inner lives of real dogs and the people who love them.

How did we evolve? Did we have help? In a world torn apart by cataclysmic climate changes, survivors learn answers to these immortal questions as they join together based on their love of various dog breeds. Two voices, the Weimaraner Haint and his human companion Amanda, tell the story of how each in their own way come to the realization of what they mean to each other.

Amanda, accompanied by her friends Kern and Liddy and their canine familiars Haint and Cloudy, travel across a landscape with violent weather and competing tribes as they look for a way to save their "breed" from drought. During the trip they take on an enigmatic young girl who is much more than she appears.

Haint is the story of lives entangled over thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes as dogs and humans discover the depths of their love for each other.

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